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The Camps Yushintayta And La Banda

Those who like to be hosted by Don Agustin are welcome to visit the Campamento Yushintayta. 


Ten minutes from Camp Charpamama, the guests are housed in sleeping dormitories or double rooms. 


Apart from the ceremonies of Don Agustin, the Yushintayta Camp is also known for its nature. In the middle of Peru, the Amazon River benefits the guests at Yushintayta Camp. In addition, a stream flows through the camp. The stream is ideal for cleansing and splashing around. 


A kitchen next to the terrace provides you with delicious meals. The spacious terrace invites you to enjoy a cozy dinner with other guests. The newly built pyramid serves as a place for meetings, lectures on medicinal plants, and other treatments. Morning exercises and meditations also take place in this special place in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. 


Don Agustin's second campamento, La Banda, is located directly on the Amazon River.


Feel free to contact us. We are happy to direct you to one of the camps run by Don Agustin.