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Individual tours


Go deep in the South American jungle. When the soul calls and the inner self cries out for change, Camp Charapamama offers all travelers a place to turn within. Led by Doña Marlene Soto Ramirez, ceremonies help with internal healing work and physical cleansing.


Enjoy the silence of nature, delicious meals prepared with love, and Peruvian hospitality. Wake up to the jungle sound and fall asleep near palm trees and the waters of the Amazon. Contact us so we can plan your perfect singles retreat. Release your old patterns to experience a new version of yourself. 

Schamanic weddings


"Weddings are my dearest," says Doña Marlene Soto Ramirez, inviting any couple who wants to connect more deeply in Tamshiyacu, Loreto, Peru. At Camp Charapamama, lovers can especially begin their marriage.


Surrounded by fire in the middle of the jungle, Doña Marlene Soto Ramirez enables a deep spiritual connection. So say "YES" in the circle of spirits, fire, and your unconditional love. Contact us, and we will plan your dream wedding at Camp Charapamama. Together we will see which ceremonies suit you best and how your wedding will end. 



Group retreats


Travel to South America together with friends, relatives, or family. Whether beginners or already experienced, groups can experience profound ceremonies together with Doña Marlene Soto Ramirez in the jungle of Peru near Iquitos. With the power of fire and the energetically healthy environment of Peru, deep journeys into the inner self are possible.


The combination of dietary meals, nature-oriented housing, and warm-hearted people make a retreat at Camp Charapamama a memorable experience for the group.  


"If you want to travel to Peru to experience change and healing and to learn about the plants of the jungle, I invite you to come to Camp Charapamama. "

Doña Marlene Soto Ramirez.

Don Agustin und Dona Marlene im Camp Charapamama
Don Agustin & Dona Marlene

Doña Marlene Soto Ramirez has worked with Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, Peru's highest-ranking shaman, for 31 years. As a long-time companion and shaman, she knows many plants for healing the body and for long life. From childhood, she has been interested in the effects of medicinal plants. With much love and empathy, Doña Marlene supports the change and healing processes for every participant on the journey. A particular interest of hers is the treatment of people with health problems, states of stress and exhaustion, and/or trauma.