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Coming from Europe, you will reach Iquitos via Lima. A smaller plane will take you from the Peruvian city of Lima to the lively port city of Iquitos. We recommend spending a comfortable night in a hotel there. Once all participants have arrived, Doña Marlene and Don Agustin will pick you and the other participants up from Iquitos. Then, with your luggage in the boat, we will continue upriver to Tamshiyacu. 

Porters for their luggage are already waiting at the port in Tamshiyacu. They accompany the group on the walk to the camp, along the houses of Tamshiyacu into the jungle. During the hike, the group gets a first impression of the region's incredible variety of plants and animals. The first day in the camp will be used to get settled in the rooms and to get to know each other over dinner. During the following days in Charapamama or Yushintayta, you will have ceremonies, rituals, treatments, necessary rest, and conversations with Don Agustin and Doña Marlene. After the time at Camp Charapamama, we recommend a further stay in Iquitos (on individual request also in Lima). Afterward, Doña Marlene usually accompanies group members to the market to buy various teas, medicinal plants, and tobacco for the return journey home.

Important reminder:

The journey is not a replacement for conventional medical treatment. Everyone participates on his/her own responsibility.

You will receive further recommendations and tips after your registration.