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Iquitos, Peru: The City at The Amazon

Welcome to the South American Andean state of Peru, and welcome to Iquitos!

Before visiting Camp Charapamama, you will arrive in the city of Iquitos. Here you may spend one, two, or even more nights before we take you by boat across the Amazon to Camp Charapamama in Tamshiyacu, Peru. 


A very special Peruvian town

Iquitos is different from the nearby towns. The city of over 300,000 inhabitants is located directly on the Amazon River and is considered an anchor point for travelers on their way to the jungle camps. So you can find boats as far as the eye can see at the harbors. The simple and modern boats bring tourists, food, and other essential resources to the Peruvian port city and, from there, for example, to Tamshiyacu to the Charapamama camp. If you want to travel from one part of Iquitos to another, the best way is to use the mototaxis. You will always find one of them. The adventurous traffic differs from the European road traffic. This brings adrenaline and wonderful moments you may experience: Even in chaos, you can discover trust because the locals know exactly what they are doing. Thus, the traffic in Iquitos turns out to be an optimal entrance to enter the unknown depth of trust and love. 

Stroll through Iquitos

One thing you need to know before you embark on the adventurous journey to the South American city. It is hot, and the humid conditions due to the rainy season often a surprise for newcomers. Iquitos' world has different tastes, smells, and impressions. Therefore, feel free to take an extra day before traveling to Camp Charapamama. Wander a little through the towns and subareas and let yourself be impressed by the hospitality of the Peruvians. This visit alone warms the heart.  Get more information about the travel.

Stay comfortably: We recommend the Casa Morey Apart Hotel

Visitors from Camp Charapamama love it and like to stay in the hotel with early French charm. Casa Morey Hotel offers spacious rooms, a wonderful atmosphere, a different life before crossing the Amazon into the jungle, and an effortless life at Camp Charapamama. Those who like to experience contrasts will love Casa Morey Apart Hotel and the subsequent visit to Camp Charapamama.  Get more information about the travel.

Leaving the port of Iquitos and entering other worlds ...

We will pick you up from the port of Iquitos and travel with you to the Charapamama camp. By boat, your luggage and, of course, will arrive in the village of Tamshiyacu, kilometers away. During the trip, we will cross the beautiful Amazon River and discover landscapes that will make you dream. During the journey on the boat, you may also find one or two Amazon dolphins and enjoy life with them. Of course, we will be open to questions during the boat trip. However, use the time to relax and let your soul dangle because already after arrival, a journey on foot through the jungle is waiting for you. With the warm temperatures and humidity, this can be pretty hot. Therefore, enjoy with us the fresh water and the trip on the boat to the camp Charapamama. Get more information about the travel.

To conclude our little Iquitos overview ... 

... we let you share the fun facts about the port city of Peru. In doing so, we encourage you to go out and explore Iquitos before or after your visit to Camp Charapamama. This is because there are so many exciting things to see. For example, have you ever heard of the Belen Street Market? It is a place that will amaze the European or US eyes. The nose may also enjoy the different smells. You will find there foods of the jungle, medicine tobacco and many other treasures and specialties. We recommend a visit to the "Shaman's Alley".


At the risk of repeating ourselves: Iquitos is an exceptional Peruvian city. 

Iquitos is a diamond that may still be polished. There is culture and hospitality within the city. You can experience the love for nature, the environment, and the contrasts that can hardly be described. It is a place of surprises, calmness, and the hustle and bustle simultaneously. And in a way, it is a place like any other. A piece of mother earth with a wonderful river where people do and want only one thing: live peacefully. We from Camp Charapamama are happy to pick you up in Iquitos.