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Individual Journes - Come Together

Join us: Be brave, be free and make your way to Iquitos, where we will pick you and your backpack up with joy and love in our hearts. Come, and we will take you to the jungle ... for healing.

YOu Are Welcome

Embark on a journey and experience something unique. Whoever comes to Doña Marlene at Camp Charapamama is constantly overwhelmed by the warmth at first. Because that - and, of course, many other experiences - is what Camp Charapamama is all about. The love is spread by Doña Marlene, her team, and her family members in the South American jungle. This means that wherever you are, however many doubts are plaguing you and you are wondering, "Should I or shouldn't I?", remember the incredible love that will envelop you at Camp Charapamama.


You are welcome to visit us.


Massages, profound rituals, one-on-one sessions, and bodywork. You will be given so much that will support you to heal profoundly. It's like arriving in the jungle with a dirty car which we call your body and mind, which will be thoroughly cleaned in the car wash "Camp Charapamama." We create a complete cleaning for you thanks to the kind helpers and your great soul that makes its way to us.


Therefore, you can look forward to great meditations, beautiful and deep reflection talks, and taking natural healing medicine. Please note: The retreat is not a substitute for traditional medical treatments. If necessary, please clarify your journey with your treating health care provider.