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Camp Charapamama Peru


Take a time-out from the everyday systems and return to yourself at Camp Charapamama. Allow yourself to be uplifted by the nightly concerts of nature and enjoy the peacefulness of the South American jungle.  


Ground yourself far away from the civilization

Being surrounded by healing plants, wildlife, and water, you can follow your diets, ceremonies, and intense but light conversations at Camp Charapamama. While doing so, you will encounter one or two turtles of all sizes from time to time. Some have been living for 200 years and enriching the environment with their essence. 


Concentrate on your inner process after an in-depth meditation at the nearby swimming pond. Or get yourself prepared for a ceremony on a bench in the sun at Camp Charapamama. 


The turtle camp


The place of retreat in the middle of the ancient forest owes its name to the indigenous animals. Charapamama means turtle and honors the enduring animal full of wisdom, primordial trust, and longevity. Free animals reflect the spirit of the people who live with them. If an animal can live freely, as it does at Camp Charapamama, so can the people around it. Plant, animal, and human are united in the South American camp for healing and love. 

From the ancestors to the descendants

Doña Marlene and Don Agustins run the Charapamama camp. Doña Marlene's grandparents already lived as healers and transmitted the gift of inner transformation to the people. Doña Marlene inherited the knowledge of her ancestors and uses her expertise in plants and the spirit to heal people ready to walk the path of healing. 


Attention: The stay at the camp is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychotherapy. The responsibility for a healing stay at Camp Charapamama remains entirely with the traveler. Please discuss your wish to visit the camp with your doctor or therapist if necessary. 

Guidance by Don Agustin

Would you like to be guided by Don Agustin? Visit the Yushintayta camp. More information can be found here.