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Enjoy our varied and profound offers for you at Camp Charapamama in Tamshiyacu, Peru. 

Shamanic wedding


Experience a spiritual wedding of a unique nature. Guided by Doña Marlene, you have the opportunity to get married on a deep, ritual level in the Peruvian jungle. Say the words "I do" in the South American Camp Charapamama.

Medicinal Plants Knowledge & Diets

Dive into the world of medicinal plants and gain a sound knowledge of wild medicinal plants. And/or cleanse your body with special diets at the South American Camp Charapamama. Doña Marlene individually designs the diets.

Family Retreat

The whole family is welcome at Camp Charapamama. Children are a blessing, which is why we gladly welcome the entire family on the path to healing. We look after the young ones while the adults participate in ceremonies.


Fire ceremonies

We are transforming through the fire. Fire stands for renewal and rebirth. Through the beautiful fire ceremonies by Doña Marlene, old structures and patterns can be released. Give over the dramas to the spirits of fire.

Group tours

Go deep together with others. Discover Camp Charapamama in the jungle of Peru with other guests. Experience a deep connection with yourself and other people as well as the beautiful nature of South America. 

Individual journey

A time just for you. Enjoy individual guidance by Doña Marlene and the other wonderful Camp Charapamams workers in a retreat lasting several days. Allow yourself to embark on a profound journey to yourself and benefit from healing.