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Shamanic wedding

An union of a very special nature 

Get married in an unforgettable spiritual way. Doña Marlene has a very intense love for weddings and people who decide to walk their path together. Therefore, shamanic weddings are very close to her heart and are always welcome.

Start a new chapter in your life by saying yes. A shamanic wedding initiates a new conscious phase of life. Two people decide to walk the path of life together. Rituals are an important part of life. They confirm the decisions that have been made. So is a shamanic wedding. This unique ritual is open to people of all religions. Each shamanic wedding ritual is individualized. Feel free to contact Doña Marlene and plan together with your shamanic wedding at Camp Charpamama in the middle of the South American jungle. 

This is what you can await

A wedding is an individual ritual that we prepare according to your wishes. We list our offers for your dream wedding in Peru for rough orientation. Then, please get in touch with us so that we can schedule your shamanic wedding together. 


Our offers for your shamanic wedding in South America

Please keep in mind that before the actual ritual, Doña Marlene, her team, and you as the bride and groom need 6 days of preparation. Plan about 8 days in the jungle of Peru for your wedding. The ceremony will be led in Spanish. We offer a translation into German and English. We will accompany you with daily meditations and reflection talks to get involved with the rituals. The daily intake of plant medicine is also part of the program of your shamanic wedding at Camp Charapamama.


We also offer the following services: 

- Detox

- Jungle walk and ritual at the " Arbol Sagrado".

- Plant bath

- massages

- Shamanic wedding - fire ritual and wedding ceremony