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Offer for single travellers

  • 2-bed room with mosquito net 
  • Washbasin in the room 
  • Public washing facilities
  • Jungle toilet nearby


Offer for families

  • 8-bed room with mosquito net 
  • Optional with hammocks
  • Public washing facilities 
  • Washbasin in the room 
  • Jungle toilet nearby


Spend the night in the middle of the Peruvian jungle. Enjoy nature and let yourself be taken in by the music of the birds. The lodgings are minimalist and lovingly furnished. Use your sleeping space at Camp Charapamama as a place of rest after an intense ceremony. Exchange ideas with other guests in your 2-bed room or the family in the more considerable lodging. This allows you to go deeper and stay connected with others. If you feel like some quiet time to yourself, take a walk by the nearby swimming pond. 

Camp Charapamama swimming pond

Remedial water

The Peruvian water cleanses the spirit and the body simultaneously. Use the swimming pond to cleanse yourself of everyday dirt or take a little time out away from the world. 

Electricity at Charapamama Camp

With the help of the field, we can offer our guests electricity in the jungle of Peru by the end of June 2022. The camp is provided with electricity via a solar system. 

Dining in the mosquito-free eating area

Clear air and delicious food are waiting for you at Camp Charapamama. Women from Tamshiyacu lovingly prepare three daily meals. Enjoy your meal in the large dining room or chat with other guests of Camp Charapamama. The menu is filled with fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, and homemade juices. Doña Marlene selects the menu according to the needs of each guest, which is varied and carefully chosen.


Those who choose a plant-based diet receive particularly intensive care and support. This way, the meals work together with the ceremonies, and the other Camp Charapamama offers. 


Anyone looking for light entertainment can enjoy singing, dancing, and lots of joy in the evening. This is because the young men from Tamshiyacu will enrich your stay by playing music and providing good humor as well as friendly entertainment. 

Clean clothes

Back to the Roots: A team of motivated and loving women takes care of your laundry simply yet effectively. They lovingly wash the clothes by hand and help enable you to wear clean clothes even in the jungle.