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Group Tours

Together, so much happens. Together we can make a big difference. Travel with others to Peru to Camp Charapamama and heal your spirit together. Group trips are led by long-time friends and supporters of the work at Campamento Charapamama, among others:


Claudia Fricke, alternative practitioner, osteopath and physiotherapist.

whatsapp +49 157 82545914


Shanti Stefanie Kranz, shaman and soul coach

whatsapp +49 1577 1273069


Daniel Fricke, Sports Economist, Translation

Languages: German, English, Spanish





Ceremonies of various kinds assist you through deep healing and cleansing. 


A walk with ritual to an old holy tree opens your mind and soul. 


Massages of various kinds are given to your body so that you can embrace the spiritual changes. 


Be cleansed through healing baths and connected to the body through healing clay.

To help you combine your experience with knowledge at home and apply it in your daily life, we will give you an insight into jungle medicine. 


Daily meditations, group meetings, and natural healing medicine will make you stronger and fitter at Camp Charapamama. So that every day, step by step, you will find yourself with an awake body. 


One-on-one meetings and life coaching allow you to discuss and share issues with experienced and emphatic people.

Also, engage in reflective conversations and get a new view of yourself through feedback. 


We overcome language barriers through translations. Camp Charapamama will provide your pick-up in Iquitos.


The costs of flights, stay in Iquitos, money for personal purchases, and tips are not included.


You are welcome to join us, and we look forward to spending time with you.

Contact us here for a travel request.