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The power of fire

Through the power of fire, you will find yourself. The fire has quite an astonishing power. Fire is rebirth and destruction at the same time. It is salvation and calamity in one. Depending on how you use it, fire can bring love, warmth, and fulfillment or bring the cold ashes of nothingness and destruction. Get us right. Even in the emptiness and destruction, there is a tremendous power, and even in the coldness, there is so much wonder that is necessary to strive for. After all, so many happenings in human life must, should, and may go up in smoke so that coldness is left behind. Some once burning interests must flatten out and lose their passion because otherwise, you can't move on. In the end, people would otherwise waste all their precious time on earth with ballast from days gone by, standing in one place. Therefore, a fire ceremony is not only a wonderful tool to give love and warmth but also a tool to scatter ashes where it is overly blazing and long overdue to let peace come in.


Doña Marlene at Camp Charapamama manages to connect with fire in a wonderful way. She embraces the powerful element with her chants, energy, and loving relationship with the fire spirits. This connection makes each fire ceremony in the Peruvian jungle a healing part of your Peru journey.


So feel free to be part of the pleasant experience of love, power, letting go, and rebirth. Be part of something magical that happens so easily in the jungle, guided by Doña Marlene. Be part of the fire ceremonies at Camp Charapamama.


May you heal,

may you live,

may you find your way to us.


It welcomes you,

Doña Marlene